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Johannes Faupel: Author

Johannes Faupel: Author “Mind Rooms”


In 2001, I was diagnosed with a benign but symptomatic brain tumor. Since that time, I have been struggling with corresponding difficulties.

At that time, in 2001, I vowed to transform this unfavorable life circumstance into a helpful development.

After my systemic training, I specialized in “minimally invasive” interventions.

I always say to myself:

“Do not complain – collect your resources”

My publication with Springer Nature deals with burnout prevention and burnout intervention.

I author e-books in which I summarize the most effective of my systemic interventions into compact concepts.

Mind Rooms is a concept based on the German book “Gedankenwohnung”.

I wish you good reading and maximum self-efficacy in implementing the included intervention.

Johannes Faupel – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Systemic therapist and consultant

Certified by the Systemic Society – Systemische Gesellschaft (SG)

Certified by the International Society for Systemic Therapy – Internationale Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie IGST.

Practice as Systemic Therapist and Coach in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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