How to better understand the brain


This technique is about how to free the center of your conscious thinking.

What improves, and what disturbs concentration?

Too many thoughts at once - no wonder when the brain loses concentration

Too many thoughts at once – no wonder when the brain loses concentration

First, let’s have a look under the brain’s hood:

The reason for your low attention span is a big misunderstanding about a core brain function.

The brain focuses on everything at the same time. More precisely: The brain tries to focus simultaneity on many thoughts and cognitive tasks in the present moment.

This does not work. It often leads to a ADHD diagnosis – unless there is no illness at all.

We face trouble concentrating due to high processing speed of the brain.

Out-of-order brains rank food, danger, love, sex, the next meeting, and walking the dog as important at the same time.

Even practicing mindfulness or a short break in between your daily routine won’t stop the brain to concentrate and work on everything that seems to be significant, life-changing, or life-saving.

What you get is a mess of constant stimulation:

Brain distraction by constant stimulation

Brain distraction by constant stimulation

Could you forbid the brain to classify tasks? Do you think you could prevent thoughts about general life from arising?

No chance at all.

The good news: it’s a sign of a healthy brain when your mind wanders. That’s right: a sign of a healthy brain

Sounds strange?

It is natural. Find out why …

Let me ask you one question:

Are you interested to be reliable? Do you want to enhance your problem-solving skills?

If so, your brain is lost.

It’s lost in several duties at the same moment.

The so-called multitasking is nonsense.

That’s the reason why you won’t succeed in improving concentration skills by simple cognitive training.

The problem your brain faces is a conflict of objectives and a loyalty conflict.

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