Lack of concentration – what can I do about it?

Lack of concentration – what can I do about it?

Question: No concentration – what can I do about it?

I am annoyed because I can’t concentrate. But the more I try to keep my focus on just one thing, the wilder my thoughts run in all directions.

What can I do? Should I fight the inattention? Or just give up and do something else?

Counter question: How successful have you been so far in fighting your thoughts? Have you been able to win against your thoughts? Can any human being ever do that?

Why can’t I concentrate?

Do you keep asking yourself why you keep digressing?

Does it happen to you that you break off in the middle of a task and start something completely different?

Basically, it is normal that we cannot be fully concentrated all the time.

But there are situations in which it is particularly difficult to stay focused.

If your lack of concentration is so severe that you have problems in everyday life, you should talk to a doctor.

Why should you take concentration problems seriously?

Lack of concentration (concentration disorder) can have various causes, for example:

  • Professional overload
  • Private overload
  • Unclear life situation
  • Severe stress without compensation
  • An imminent or already existing burnout syndrome

Therefore, please get to the bottom of the possible causes of your concentration problems professionally.

You can then read self-help books after you have had everything clarified by a doctor.

This is what you can do for your ability to concentrate.

Answer: It is rarely due to good will if a person cannot concentrate on one thing. The cause is more likely to be found in the way the thoughts are handled.

An unsorted brain will try in a chaotic way to think all the thoughts at once. The result is that none of the thoughts get enough attention to develop into a good outcome.

The solution is not necessarily to fight the inattention, but to learn how to better manage your thoughts.

In other words, you can establish a structure in your mind where thoughts receive attention in order.

Background: stress can be among the major causes when attention is lacking. Stress occurs when there is no order in the thoughts.

Whether the ability to concentrate for hours or just minutes is possible depends on many factors. It is important to give the thoughts in the brain a good order when there is a lack of concentration. Concentration can become possible quickly in this way. If you want to concentrate on a task, put your thoughts in a good order. Drink frequently. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. And make sure you get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is among the causes of concentration problems in many cases. By getting enough sleep, we help our bodies focus during the day.

Johannes Faupel: Author

Johannes Faupel: Author “Mind Rooms”


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