Neuroenhancement Without Side Effects

This article is about neurenhancement – performance enhancement for the brain. Many wonder: is there neuroenhancement without side effects? The short answer: yes, of course. You can find the detailed answer in this article.

Is there neuroenhancement without side effects?

Neuroenhancement with neuroenhancers from the pharmacy can cause side effects. Therefore, many people ask: is neuroenhancement possible without side effects?

What does neuroenhancement mean? This means the “expansion of neuronal possibilities” – mostly by pharmaceutical means. For this I wrote this article about the side effects and dangers of neuroenhancement.

How to boost your brain power naturally: Mental techniques for a sharp mind

How can you increase your brain power naturally?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves.

People can improve their mental abilities through natural neuroenhancement techniques.

Without chemicals.

Without pills.

First and foremost, it’s about giving the working memory (formerly called short-term memory) a proper workout.

In this article I will show you some of the best methods to maintain and increase brain power.

What mental techniques can you use to achieve this goal?

  • Solve a math problem every day
  • Read literature
  • Reading texts aloud backwards
  • Memorize poems
  • Writing essays

Attention training – there are different methods

What kind of attention training is there? There are many types of attention exercises. Some can be done at home. For others, it needs a scientific arrangement.

Attention Process Training (APT)

One example is Attention Process Training (APT) by neuroscientist Georges St-Pierre. Attention Process Training (APT) is a multi-part exercise designed to help improve a brain injury survivor’s ability to focus on relevant material and ignore irrelevant distractions. It also helps improve the speed of information processing.

Background on Attention Process Training (APT).

Intelligence Training – The N-Back Working Memory Training.

Background to the N-Back working memory training.

The Eriksen Flanker Task

The Eriksen-Flanker task is used in cognitive-psychological research on the topic of “mood”. In this task, subjects are offered so-called flanker stimuli one after the other.

More about the Eriksen flanker task and a live demo – here.

All these activities improve cognitive functions in healthy people. In addition, they can also help prevent age-related decline in brain function.

If you want to activate and increase your brain power, try some of these mental techniques.

Johannes Faupel: Author

Johannes Faupel: Author “Mind Rooms”


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