Can’t Concentrate? Can’t get rid of bad thoughts? Read this E-Book

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

  • Surprisingly simple concept
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  • The principle of concentration reengineered


How to concentrate better by no longer trying to pay attention

Do you want to improve your concentration?

Most people want – and many don’t succeed with their attempts to improve cognitive performance.

This article is for you.

You’ve been searching the web for brain training games and how to enhance cognitive abilities?

Your search for concentration could become to an end here. Welcome your brain to the best work environment to be found: here in a tiny self-help book.

It is a picture book about brain function and how you easily profit from your brain.

It is a self-help guide for brain development.

Overloaded brain

Overloaded brain

How to concentrate and focus.

Mind Rooms is a new concept.

Learn why we first have to excentrate in order to concentrate.

Learn how to instantly concentrate and focus on a specific topic. Learn it without struggling. Enjoy it without fighting distractions.

  • Hypnosystemic Excentration for Concentration.
  • Discover How To Create Rooms In Your Mind To Create Order – Like In An Apartment Or A House.
  • Start a remarkable story here with the increase of your attention.

Some simple questions:

How to concentrate on one thing?

This question requires an intelligent answer:

How can you not focus on other things?

The answer is: You can concentrate on one thing when you are sure that all other things are safely stored in your mind and memory for the moment.

Don’t expect your mind to sort itself out

Create space in your head with a forklift?

Create space in your head with a forklift?

Give your mind some professional help.

Create spaces where your thoughts and mind are ordered – like rooms in an apartment or a house.

It’s quite simple once you know-how.

This 50-page E-Book gives you all knowledge.

Learn about ways to treat ADHD without medication.

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Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

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This technique is about how to free the center of your conscious thinking.

What improves, and what disturbs concentration?

Too many thoughts at once - no wonder when the brain loses concentration

Too many thoughts at once – no wonder when the brain loses concentration

First, let’s have a look under the brain’s hood:

The reason for your low attention span is a big misunderstanding about a core brain function.

The brain focuses on everything at the same time. More precisely: The brain tries to focus simultaneity on many thoughts and cognitive tasks in the present moment.

This does not work. It often leads to a ADHD diagnosis – unless there is no illness at all.

We face trouble concentrating due to high processing speed of the brain.

Out-of-order brains rank food, danger, love, sex, the next meeting, and walking the dog as important at the same time.

Even practicing mindfulness or a short break in between your daily routine won’t stop the brain to concentrate and work on everything that seems to be significant, life-changing, or life-saving.

What you get is a mess of constant stimulation:

Brain distraction by constant stimulation

Brain distraction by constant stimulation

Could you forbid the brain to classify tasks? Do you think you could prevent thoughts about general life from arising?

No chance at all.

The good news: it’s a sign of a healthy brain when your mind wanders. That’s right: a sign of a healthy brain

Sounds strange?

It is natural. Find out why …

Let me ask you one question:

Are you interested to be reliable? Do you want to enhance your problem-solving skills?

If so, your brain is lost.

It’s lost in several duties at the same moment.

The so-called multitasking is nonsense.

That’s the reason why you won’t succeed in improving concentration skills by simple cognitive training.

The problem your brain faces is a conflict of objectives and a loyalty conflict.

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Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

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A reliable character wants to succeed in all tasks:

  • Caring about family and grandparents
  • Doing the office work and performing tasks
  • Improve cognitive function by reading, studying and brain training
  • Finding work-life-balance by mindfulness meditation

Everything at the same time? No ability to concentrate at all.

This overload of paying attention creates more difficulty than you think.

Remember: Concentration difficulties? Your attention is divided.

Keep in mind: Mental resources are created at the very moment you provide your brain with the best working environment.

Here is why the most common brain training games simply cannot work

The brain has no primary focus by itself.

If you are studying and your brain recognizes a lack of physical energy, it will make you go to the kitchen for some food.

If you prepare a presentation at work, and you are thinking about your family at the same time – which thought will win?

Bad thoughts in the middle of the day?

Bad thoughts in the middle of the day?

Let’s look at the good news about so-called low cognitive function:

The thoughts and feelings are there at the same time. They demand – and get – attention.

You cannot tell your brain to not think about your family, as well as you won’t forget about crucial work while thinking about your beloved ones.

While reading, stay focused on one special phenomenon of the human brain

Attention is the key to concentration.

Pure attention.

The trap people fall into when they try to concentrate

They try to erase thoughts to stay focused or become focused at all.

What happens, if you try to increase concentration by forcing by increasing focus?

More and more everyday life task swill breakthrough into the center of your attention.

Here’s the secret about the attention span

Invite your brain to park the topics you do not want to care about outside your attention.

The method is quite simple.

Think about several rooms in your mind and your brain.

Imagine carrying thoughts of non-current tasks into a workspace or workshop area in your head.

  • While you are dealing with your specific task, there may be still some background noise, but you are satisfied when you notice: In some areas of my mind, there is caretaking place about the tasks I have to think about later on.
  • While you concentrate on your work, the thoughts about your family are stored for a few hours in a private room in your head.
  • During a presentation, it’s too late to practice mindfulness. And so on.

Increased concentration is the natural result of this way to eliminate distractions.

Excentration by Mind Rooms

Excentration by the concept of Mind Rooms: concentration possible

Reduce stress. Improve memory. Enhance brain mental performance.

All you have to do:

You need to train your brain to divide the tasks and thoughts professionally:

Boost concentration by putting the actual tasks in the center of your brain and the others in the surrounding areas. It’s all about activating the brain’s ability.

I created a new word about the topic of concentration: “Excentration”

Excentration is the opposite of concentration.

Stop multi-tasking

Peer-reviewed studies show that the human brain is not capable of multitasking.

Occupied Brain – Simultaneity of Thoughts in the Present Moment

Occupied Brain – Simultaneity of Thoughts in the Present Moment

Read this E-Book

Read this E-Book and follow the instructions.

Get the free reading sample

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

Mind-Rooms Self-Help-Book

Buy the E-Book

Imagine This Box Is The Center Of Your Conscious Thinking

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    Excentration by Mind Rooms
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