What is the Excentration Technique?

The Excentration Technique is a new counselling and therapy technique related to systemic therapy and hypnotherapy. It has been developed for short-term therapy by the systemic therapist Johannes Faupel in Frankfurt / Main, Germany.

What is special about the Excentration Technique?

In contrast to conventional methods – e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy or psychoanalysis – the Excentration Technique can have an immediate and direct effect.

The Excentration Technique reaches clients in both the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.

It is possibly the first therapeutic technique that establishes a fast, direct connection between these two brain areas that are crucial for behaviour.

Why does the Excentration Technique work differently than all other psychotherapeutic methods?

With the Excentration Technique, we work for a clear head. We bring unwanted thoughts – such as intrusive images and imaginations – just a few micromillimeters from the center of our attention.

This procedure is easy to apply for all those who have been struggling to “defeat” their intrusive thoughts for a long time. This “victory” is not possible with the functions of the brain. Trying to suppress something in us has the opposite effect.

What is the difference between concentration and excentration?



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