Find and maintain concentration

Remember: Concentration difficulties? Your attention is divided.

Keep in mind: Mental resources are created at the very moment you provide your brain with the best working environment.

Here is why the most common brain training games simply cannot work

The brain has no primary focus by itself.

If you are studying and your brain recognizes a lack of physical energy, it will make you go to the kitchen for some food.

If you prepare a presentation at work, and you are thinking about your family at the same time – which thought will win?

Bad thoughts in the middle of the day?

Bad thoughts in the middle of the day?

Let’s look at the good news about so-called low cognitive function:

The thoughts and feelings are there at the same time. They demand – and get – attention.

You cannot tell your brain to not think about your family, as well as you won’t forget about crucial work while thinking about your beloved ones.

While reading, stay focused on one special phenomenon of the human brain

Attention is the key to concentration.

Pure attention.


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