Keep the brain relaxed

The trap people fall into when they try to concentrate

They try to erase thoughts to stay focused or become focused at all.

What happens, if you try to increase concentration by forcing by increasing focus?

More and more everyday life task swill breakthrough into the center of your attention.

Here’s the secret about the attention span

Invite your brain to park the topics you do not want to care about outside your attention.

The method is quite simple.

Think about several rooms in your mind and your brain.

Imagine carrying thoughts of non-current tasks into a workspace or workshop area in your head.

  • While you are dealing with your specific task, there may be still some background noise, but you are satisfied when you notice: In some areas of my mind, there is caretaking place about the tasks I have to think about later on.
  • While you concentrate on your work, the thoughts about your family are stored for a few hours in a private room in your head.
  • During a presentation, it’s too late to practice mindfulness. And so on.

Increased concentration is the natural result of this way to eliminate distractions.

Excentration by Mind Rooms

Excentration by the concept of Mind Rooms: concentration possible

Reduce stress. Improve memory. Enhance brain mental performance.

All you have to do:

You need to train your brain to divide the tasks and thoughts professionally:

Boost concentration by putting the actual tasks in the center of your brain and the others in the surrounding areas. It’s all about activating the brain’s ability.

I created a new word about the topic of concentration: “Excentration”

Excentration is the opposite of concentration.

Stop multi-tasking

Peer-reviewed studies show that the human brain is not capable of multitasking.

Occupied Brain – Simultaneity of Thoughts in the Present Moment

Occupied Brain – Simultaneity of Thoughts in the Present Moment

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